ETH’s not the only way but…

… it is moving in such a way that makes it a weighty contender in the cryptocurrency market.

The market moves continually.

As of this writing, the COVID19 pandemic remains. The world economy is in turmoil. Uncertainty is still the theme of our day-to-day. And everything seems to be on a down-trend.

Take a look at this bitinfochart:

Top Cryptocurrency List. Accessed 08-28-2020 04:01am.

Except for DOT, ETH and other cryptocurrencies suffered a dip in the last 7 days. Still, ETH stands 2nd to BTC in terms of popularity and market capitalization.

It is pretty obvious that ETH is not the only way but I choose to learn (and earn!) with it. The “fast and furious” has shown significant results for the community but for this noob mom, slow and steady works just fine.*

*The ETH in my TrustWallet has grown from about $7 to $12 in the last 56 days. I did close to nothing.

Mixed up about eth.

So I started my journey with Forsage a few days back and Dan has already more than doubled his earnings. And the team continues to grow.

I, however, am still trying to wrap my “mommyfied brain” (more on this in another post) on terms like blockchain and smart contracts.

As I research, I see negative feedback left and right. I return to my Why and I ask myself: is ETH the only way?

What is eth?

If reading the word ‘Ethereum’ paints for you a scenic picture of hobbits, a labyrynthine abbys or perhaps an infinite sea of green grass, blue skies, and billions of twinkling galaxies, welcome to the club!

I never knew what ethereum was until I encountered it in a friend’s FB story. Like, what’s an eth? I checked his YouTube channel and found out he earned 4.59 eth or about $1,000 in a week.

At a time when some people would find it very difficult to earn even $10 in a day, there’s Dan, harvesting the fruit of his 7-day labor. He earns as he shares what he learns. Pretty cool.

So… what is eth?

Eth, short for ether, is cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition:

Now if you’ll ask me who or what Merriam-Webster is, let’s get to that later. 😊

If you’re a history buff, check out Ledger Academy’s A Brief History on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Simply put: eth is money.

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